Tafadzwa Musarara, Chairman of the Grain Millers Association received blessings and praises from ED Mnangagwa for his good initiatives towards country development.

A few days after suspending Zanu-pf youths for naming and shaming corrupt cartels among them Tafadzwa Musarara and Kuda Tagwirei who play a crucial role in the Zanu-pf politics, Mnangagwa said Musarara deserves a long life.

Mnangagwa asked God to look favourably on Musarara who proposed the initiative to buy 800 000 mega tonnes of the 2million mega tonnes of maize meal from command agriculture instead of importing brands from other countries.

Musarara is chairman of the grain millers association an organisation which is also the center of providing sudsidised mealie meal.

He was accussed of diverting maize meal to the black market resulting in the shortage of the commodity on the formal market.

Musarara was labelled together with Kuda Tagwirei who is a huge benefactor of the command agriculture that was accused of the missing $3 billion in the past agricultural season.

Command agriculture was meant to bring food security in the country however that is not the case as maize meal is now a scarce commodity.