Former Zimbabwe International player Dumisani Mankunzini has dismissed all claims that he defrauded 10 people as published by The Star Today.

Mankunzini said he has never defrauded anyone and if there is anyone who is aggrieved, that person should go to the police and report him.

Mankunzini named Heath Streak, former Zimbabwe Cricket Captain as the person behind his troubles. Mankunzini also named a close friend, whose name he did not disclose as being part of the plot out of jelous.

Mankunzini said he is fully accredited by Cricket SA and was at the World Cup Under 19 tournament.

Regarding the R1,5 Million a month payslip that has been circulating on social media, Mankunzini said he did not generate it and it is the work of his enemies.

Mankunzini denied disappearing or running away from his debtors and denied that he at any time disappeared at Magnet House when leaving a couple he owed R500 000 outside the building.