Gambakwe Media Sources reveal that there is panic among Zimbabwe Army Generals as soldiers leave in large numbers.

Commanders are concerned that these soldiers who are leaving could be recruited by someone in preparation for some sort of third force attack.

The Zimbabwe Independent also reported this week that military commanders have deployed military intelligence(MI), SAS and SIB into communities throughout the country to gather intelligence as the rapidly deteriorating economy poses heightened risks to national security.

The deployments come at a time situation reports generated by the security service indicate that there is low morale among the rank and file as a result of economic hardships.

Commanders fear that the worsening hardships could trigger civil unrest and have deployed MI into the communities to gauge the likelihood of civil unrest.

Generals have also embarked on large-scale internal surveillance of its officers amid concerns over rampant indiscipline and agitation among troops.

Third Force

The situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated to an unprecedented level.
This has increased the risk of another coup or the toppling of ED Mnangagwa government.

Mnangagwa is increasingly relying on the military to stay in office. So, basically the military is now running things in Zimbabwe.

The military on their part do not want civilians to take over. They would rather manage the change to make sure another military person takes over.

The emergence of an armed third force is now a real possibility as many politicians no longer believe that an election will bring change in Zimbabwe.