Spotlight Zimbabwe today released two exclusive stories pointing to the imminent Removal of Mnangagwa and the ascendency of General Chiwenga to the Zimbabwe Presidency.

The online Newspaper also claimed that Mbeki was in Zimbabwe in December to negotiate between ED Mnangagwa and the Military regarding his departure as the SADC does not want Mnangagwa to be forcefully removed.

In first story titled ‘Mnangagwa tells General Chiwenga He Is ready to step down’, Spotlight Zimbabwe makes the following claims :

– Mnangagwa is preparing to go into exile
– The Army wants Mnangagwa to leave
– Mnangagwa has told General Chiwenga that he is ready to step down
– He is currently negotiating an exit package
– Chiwenga has saved ED Mnangagwa twice as the army generals wanted him out earlier but Chiwenga asked the other army Generals to give him a grace period
– This imminent Removal is the reason why Mnangagwa did not go out of the country during his annual leave

The second story is titled ‘Chinese military push for Chiwenga Zimbabwe takeover

In this story Spotlight Zimbabwe makes the following claims:

– Chiwenga has earned the support of high ranking generals in the Chinese People’s Army.
– Chiwenga’s security and communications are now managed by Chinese intelligence operatives
– Chiwenga is a heartbeat away from becoming the next president,
– General Zuocheng is the brains behind Chinese backing for General Chiwenga Presidency
– China and her military are backing Chiwenga in return for the country’s chromium and platinum reserves under the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

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