ED Mnangagwa, has been frustrating General Chiwenga’s efforts to fully act as ZImbabwe President while he is on leave.

Mnangagwa has also been Refusing to sleep outside Zimbabwe.

This became clear after Mnangwa refused to to travel to Davos and instead sent Mthuli Ncube, who for the first time is alone at Davos. Previously, Mnangagwa would travel internationally at any given opportunity.

While on Leave, Mnangagwa has been micromanaging everything inclusing attending small events such as opening of a new computer assembly plant at Telone this week.

Mnangagwa has travelled to Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique and on all occassions he did not sleep outside Zimbabwe.

This comes after Spotlight Zimbabwe reported last month that Mnangagwa has been warned by his close security Minister Owen Ncube not to travel outside Zimbabwe as General Chiwenga plans to stage a take over once he leaves.

Mnangagwa, while appearing calm and un-bothered outwardly, has made serious security arrangements to counter any moves by General Chiwenga and his faction.

Mnangagwa has also reportedly made arrangements with his SADC friends such as Tanzania, Namibia and Zambia in case of any moves by General Chiwenga to take over.

Some of the activities that ED Mnangagwa has presided over while he is on leave include the Global Shapers townhall,

ED Mnangagwa has also made plans to keep General Chiwenga occupied with internal ZANU-PF politics after arranging for a number of provinces to start a campign to remove General Chiwenga. This campaign was meant to distract General Chiwenga and members of his factions who are now busy trying to save their careers.

Mnangagwa has also blocked any attemt by general Chiwenga to gain an international profile by holding interviews with Bloomberg and the Financial times during the time when he was on leave.

It appears as though General Chiwenga has been outsmarted this time around and his carefully laid out plans were countered by ED Mnangagwa.