Zimbabweans are Too Lazy- Walter Magaya


The reason why most people are in the situation they are in is because they are too lazy.No amount of prayer will bring change if you do not work.

A lazy man sleeps early, some by 8pm or earlier and wake up very late when they are now feeling hungry. How can you sleep early and wake up late when you are in a financially demanding country like this?

The situation on the ground considering the economic challenges, does not allow you to be lazy or to drag yourself in whatever you do. You need to wake up early and sleep late to fend for your family. Sleeping is no substitute for success. This world is no friend for a lazy person.

If you are not working on anything, there is no prayer that can bring success in your life.

I have never slept on my bed in the afternoon, yet someone can afford to sleep in the afternoon, in the chair.

If you were one of the people mentioned above, you need to change, start today; of course, it may not happen overnight but you need to start programming your mind and body for this drastic change.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.