General Chiwenga this weekend paid ED Mnangagwa a surprise visit at his farm in Kwekwe.

Both men did not comment about the subject of the meeting, but it is clear that all is not well between the two.

1. General Chiwenga has badly embarrassed Mnangagwa since his return from China. Chiwenga’s very public divorce has made Mnangagwa look weak, especially his use of the Army in his dispute with Mary.

2. Recent revelations by Mary in her court papers that General Chiwenga has presidential ambitions has increased suspicion among the two men.

3. As we revealed last week, ED Mnangagwa has been secretly working with grassroots structures to get rid of General Chiwenga and replace him with Oppah Muchinguri.

Chiwenga has realised that Mnangagwa could outsmart him and get rid of him. His trip to Kwekwe had two motives:

1. It was a spying mission – He wants to get a feel of how Mnangagwa is thinking
2. He wanted to assure Mnangagwa that he was loyal – He wants to dissuade Mnangagwa from 

Chiwenga is hoping that ED Mnangagwa will let him keep his job so that he can buy time while Plotting his next move.