Questions over STI  and failed DNA test still unanswered

General Chiwenga has agreed to settle his issues with Mary Chiwenga out of court. However, he is unlikely to go back to Mary as their relationship has irretrivably brocken down.

This will be the first time that General Chiwenga sits down face to face with Mary since his return from China.

There are four main sticking issues that will prevent a reconcilliation:

– STI – Media reports claimed General Chiwenga ‘s doctors found a rare STI in one of the tests ran in South Africa in July.
– Poisoning – The role that Mary played is not clear
– DNA Test – one of the kids failed a DNA test
– Mary’s disrespectful and combative attitude

So What will be the likely outcome of the out of court discussion.

Mary is likely to get:
–  the kids
– her car and
–  access to her business in Domboshava.
The soldiers currently blocking her will be moved away and Mary will get her property back which is at Manase and Manase and she will also get her property returned to her Orchids business.

For General Chiwenga
– He will likely get Mary to stay silent about his secrets.
– He will get his Borrowdale House Back
– He will be granted an uncontested divorce
– Mary will reverse the traditional rituals performed on Chiwenga

One of the biggest issues among the Chiwengas will be money. Its now difficult for them to make money especially for General Chiwenga as he is being closely observed.

This means he will start struggling. He is also likely to be fired from ZANU-PF and this will worsen his position!