BUSINESS : Zimbabwe and South Africa Top 2019 Mining M&A Deals


The Star reports that Zimbabwe and South Africa topped in 2019 mining M&A deals.

Zimbabwe had one top deal valued at $19.9 Million, while South Africa recorded about 4 major deals (152 Million ,136 Million, 16.3 Million).

The two countries accounted for $323 Million of global mining mergers and acquisition activity.

The overall deal value fell by 39.14 you from $101 Billion in $2018 to 61.8 Billion in 2019.

The Star concludes by saying :

About 80% of mining executives surveyed by the Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines in November said they were worried about the ‘restricted access to Capital’ as well as a ‘non competitive environment’ which they said was weighing down their plans for 2020.