General Chiwenga is likely to lose Big To Mary After his legal team responded with a very weak case to Mary’s urgent court application filed at the High Court In Harare last week.

General Chiwenga is likely to lose the 3 Children that  Mary Claims he took from her without his permission.

He is also likely to lose in his bid to prevent Mary from staying at the Borrowdale house as the court has ordered her to stay there.

Mary is also likely to be allowed to go back into her business premises where General Chiwenga has mounted soldiers.

Mary is also likely to be given back one of the four vehicles, the Range Rover, as this car was bought for her and General Chiwenga admits this in his papers.

The lawyers of Mary have also exposed that General Chiwenga is acting unlawfully.

Mary claimed that the lawyers of General Chiwenga unlawfully obtained her bank statements from CBZ using the military force of General Chiwenga.

She also claims that General Chiwenga is using the army to bar her from entering her business premises, Orchids, at Domboshava.

General Chiwenga is likely to be forced to negotiate with Mary if he hopes to get back any of the assets that he is claiming.