Watch Secretary General, Lloyd Msipa as he speaks to SABS’s Peter Ndoro about his the new Walter Mzembi led political party, the People’s Party.

Msipa says Mzembi is not running from charges but is seeking safety in South Africa to avoid unjustified arrest by the illegal Mnangagwa regime. Msipa said Mzembi and many others are being persecuted for refusing to support Mnangagwa’s illegitimate rise to power. When the time comes, Dr Mzembi will return to Zimbabwe to face charges.

Msipa said Mzembi is part of the generational consensus and comes unblemished.

Mzembi said Mzembi ran the best tourism ministry in Zimbabwe and will deliver change for Zimbabwe.

Msipa gave the following list of key issues to be addressed in Zimbabwe:

  • Unite the nation

Other things Msipa said:

Mnangagwa ‘s government is an illegitimate dictatorship

Any elections ran by Mnangagwa are null and void

2023 under the current conditions is useless