*Message from Prophet Makandiwa*

Sunday 12Jan 2020

Do not try to reason with Mashurugwi said Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. He said if one mistakenly has an encounter with them,the only way out is to give them everything they want especially money because it is all that they are after.

They won’t understand you because they are not human beings. They are a group of demons operating in the flesh. These are the sons of Belial that he once spoke about in his previous prophecies, the generation of the Nephilims, these ones have no remorse and cannot repent.

The man of God advised people not to walk during the night and miners were told to stop with immediate effect until further notice.

He said if you don’t pray against this, they are coming to your house

They are now targeting businesses, garages, shops, churches, Forex dealers and *schools*
last week Zaoga church yakapindirwa vanhu vakagurwa maoko
MD waGinnimbi was murdered this last week
A granny nemuzukuru wavo 16years were rapped and murdered in Penhalonga.
This is but to just mention a few
In Kwekwe 3 teenagers were skinned and chopped.

Not only are they targeting mines, Here in Hre so many cases have been reported in the last two weeks

Pray against this evil movement,
He said pple tht have been killed by this group are much more than veCyclone even if we add veCholera