EXPLOSIVE : General Chiwenga Afraid of Witchcraft – Mary Chiwenga Court Papers details

General Chiwenga Does Not Want Mary To Sleep in Borrowdale Bed

Mary Chiwenga has taken General Chiwenga to court in an urgent chamber application for a spoilation order, return of minor children illegally abducted and for ancillary and further relief.

Her Lawyers are Mthethwa and Nyambirai while General Chiwenga’s lawyers are Manase and , the papers were served on the 10th of January 2020.

Important – Mary still calls herself Mary Chiwenga.

1. On 6 JAN at 20:00 , Mary arrived at the borrowdale house in the company of her lawyers and family and was denied access.
2. Chiwenga is currently seeking eviction of Mary Chiwenga from the premises, so he can not force her using his position as VP to vacate the house.
3. Mary wants her 3 minor children back, one who is 5 years old.
4. On 8 January, Mary was denied access to her business called Orchid Gardens in Domboshava by soldiers. Soldiers had removed numerous items from the business using army vehicles.
5. On 7 Jan , General Chiwenga wrote a letter to Mary saying she wanted to interfere with him and wanted to sleep in the bedroom
6. On 7 January, Mary’s mother was allowed access to the house and soldiers chose which clothes she could take. They even chose her panties.
7. On 9 January she was denied access to Orchid Gardens

What Mary wants:
1. Access to the Borrowdale house
2. Access to her cars (Toyota Lexus, Mercedes Benz S400, Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes Benz E350, Mercedes Benz)
3. Access to her clothes and Jewelery
4. Access to two safes that are at Manase and Manase
5. Return of the three kids Tendai, Christian and Michael within 2 hours
6. Order barring General Chiwenga and Soldiers from accessing Orchid Gardens
7. Return of everything taken out of Orchid gardens
8. Chiwenga to pay costs