3 Gambakwe Media Websites Hacked

Zimbabwe Cyber Warfare Program gets more sophisticated


3 Gambakwe media websites were recently hacked in a suspected attack by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence.

Pardon Gambakwe , founder at Gambakwe Media, says this shows that the cyberwarfare capabilities of Zimbabwe Intelligence services are getting more sophisticated.

Gambakwe explains that the attacks on the website consisted of a denial of service attack and alteration of settings and configurations on the websites that made them unaccessible.

This follows reports a few monts ago that ZImbabwe military officials have been trained in cyberwarfare in China, Russia and even Iran.

Gambakwe says the actions of the Zimbabwe intelligence services are unethical and an attack on a free press. He added that there is a danger that the intelligence agencies in Zimbabwe are now monitoring people’s private devices such as cellphones!