Gambakwe Media Sources have revealed that General Chiwenga is livid after he was informed that Mary Chiwenga bought a house in Brynston in his name with the help of Frank Buyanga.

The sources alleges that Mary Chiwenga is connected to Frank Buyanga whom she assisted to move large amounts of cash to Mauritius.

The question is whether General Chiwenga was aware that Mary Chiwenga had bought the house before the transaction was concluded.

The sources revealed that General Chiwenga has gone after business partners of Mary Chiwenga in South Africa such as Ginimbi, Uncle Roland and Keni Mubaiwa. Uncle Roland and Ginimbi had some of their business deals in South Africa stopped and Uncle Roland’s accounts have been frozen.

Keni Mubaiwa and Frank Mubaiwa are connected through car dealings while Ginimbi is the son of Keni Mubaiwa’s sister.