Legislator Names Zanu PF Big Wigs Responsible for Machete Wielding Gangs Attacks


Legislator Muchineripi Chinyanganya says the unrestrained machete wielding gangs which have terrorised parts of the nation are being controlled and protected by Zanu PF big wigs.

Chinyanganya reviewed that most of these gangs boast of the protection they are receiving from their leaders in the Zanu Pf party.

“We raised the issue in 2018 but nothing was being done and I am sure senior politicians from the ruling party are behind those gangs.

“I say so because some of them boast that they are protected. It’s now a national issue and I don’t think it’s going to end soon for as long as they are protected,” he said.

He added that the issue of machete gangs terrorizing residents is a challenge but he is glad the police are now taking action although it’s a bit late now because lives have been lost.