An Inside Look In Chikurubi Maximum Prison


Run by social formation of security, Chikurubi maximum prison is run by the Zimbabwe military.

The walls are said to be 6ft x 6ft, so has former prisoners mentioned. No one really knows all the places around the prison as inmates are blindfolded before being transferred from one cell to another.

Heavy chains tied the hands and feet on prisoners as they get moved around.

Chikurubi is the second prison in Zimbabwe that’s provides a home to inmates who are on life and death sentence. They are locked behind 3 steel doors and monitored 24 hours of the day.

Rich inmates get a special treatment, provided with chairs and comfortable beds while ordinary are left with few to no blankets.

This is said to be the most terrible place. A few notorious inmates have managed to escape, the likes of Chidhumo and Masendeke