It has emerged that the minister of finance Mthuli Ncube who has pushed for Zimbabweans to implement and endure austerity measures has been living in a high end luxury hotel at the expense of taxpayers

The economy has, for the past year taken a sharp decrease characterized with high inflation rates which led to austerity measures being imposed on Zimbabweans.

Sources reviewed that apart from his luxury home, Ncube flies to Switzerland every weekend at the expense of taxpayers.

“Zimbabwe Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube lives in a high end luxury Meikles Hotel recently purchased by an Arabian investor.

His bill is paid by the 2% taxed on very poor Zimbabweans and he also flies to Switzerland every weekend

Commenting on the revelation, David Coltart said “I’m not sure this is correct but it’s incumbent upon Ncube to explain, in the context of the austerity he has asked all Zimbabweans to endure,” he said.