Speaking on Zimeye last night, Mary Chiwenga’s uncle Hannington Mubaiwa has said that Mary is hanging in there in terms of her health.

Mubaiwa said Mary was already sick before she went into prison and was already on medication. However, he said Zimbabweans don’t need to know the specifics of Mary’s health.Mubaiwa said Mary ‘s health issues arose from the bombing at White City stadium

Mubaiwa criticised Mnangagwa for ignoring the plight of Mary Chiwenga and not considering her as the Vice President’s wife.

Mubaiwa said a lot of people in the media want to take advantage of the situation to make up stories, and sensationalise since this is a trending story.

Mubaiwa told Simba Chikanza that Mary is a very strong woman psychologically  and she is holding on. Mubaiwa said he last talked to Mary at 4pm on 29 December 2019.

Mubaiwa said coping means one has adjusted themselves to the situation. However, he said the health system in Zimbabwean prisons are not ideal for someone in Mary’s conditions.

Simba Chikanza asked Mubaiwa if he was taking advantage of the situation to become a politician. Mubaiwa said he is not taking this seriously. Mubaiwa said people are superficicial and they condemn everything, people are looking for perfect people that dont exist.

Mubaiwa said he is not a pumpkin which just rolled off a lorry and is a politically aware person. He said he is in touch with the family and his brother, Keni, who is informed him about everything he said to the media.

Mubaiwa said what has happened to Mary Chiwenga is  a manifestation of something bigger. He said Zimbabwe is in a state of emergency.

Mubaiwa said just because he was Chiwenga’s brother in law does not mean he agrees with what ever Chiwenga does.

He said the Mubaiwa family has been doing well and did not gain from Mary being married to Chiwenga. Mubaiwa said he condemned the August 1 killing and he is well known in Dallas where he lives for being a Pan Africanist and democrat.