The Zanu-Pf led government is back to land invasions again, this time the alleged invader is Lewis Matutu, a source has revealed.

Recent media reports show a an increase of land invasions against white settlers in Zimbabwe.

Commenting on the issue, Hopewell Chin’ono said “Zimbabwe will never recover from the ZANUPF corrupt rule without Property Rights being respected!

No investor will come to a country where property is grabbed like this” he said.

Chin’ono said Judge Kwenda has granted an interim relief requiring Lewis Matutu’s thugs to leave the farm.

According to Chin’ono, the court was told that so far they have killed 15 goats and 5 pigs whilst camped at the farm with guns.

However, Matutu didn’t turn up for the court hearing, neither did he have a lawyer.