While delivering a gift to Emmerson Munangagwa, Independent MP Temba Mliswa said it was a great time to catch up with him, very relaxed and ready to listen to people as always.

His remarks comes amid speculations that Mliswa has joined Zanu Pf.

Recent media reports show Mliswa being critical to the MDC-A while he continues to show praises to Mnangagwa and his wife.

Commenting on the First Lady, Mliswa said she is working harder than ministers in the cabinet.

“Tribute to the First Lady Mrs Mnangagwa who has worked hard this year”, complementing government.

“It’s obvious she has filled the vacuum left by some Ministers clearly failing to fill their roles as the foot soldiers,” he said.

According to Mliswa, both Mnangagwa and his wife work hard and remain in the limelight because those who are supposed to assist them have failed.