Zimbabwe should engage in a serious prayer for peace. Everything appears to be peaceful for Zimbabwe but its not. There are very serious under currents which may rise to influence the current settings.

Especially with the conference that they were attending it may seem like everything is in order but its not.Everything is not peaceful in Zimbabwe. There is a simmering tension underneath. 2020 is a serious year of test for those who are in leadership in Zimbabwe.

It is not God’s will for leadership to be changed next year or the year after. Do not wait until the shaking starts. Leadership can be enhanced next year but for it to be changed it will create a lot of chaos in Zimbabwe.There are serious under currents which may try to tear the leadership apart.

Among the four man who are at the top of leadership, none must be removed, if that happens there will be bloodshed in Zimbabwe. There will be serious confusion if anyone tries to overthrow the government.