Today, ED Mnangagwa hosted a POLAD meeting at his farm which was visibly graced by Thokozani Khupe and Lovemore Madhuku.

As usual, Nelson Chamisa snubbed the event as he mantains that it is a sham platform which will never produce genuine dialogue.

Below are the main points raised by ED Mnangagwa in his speech.

Polad on Unity Day‼️

◼ED said the occasion marks last strategic consultative meeting for 2019 & it is on unity day and the unity Accord brought our unity as a Nation.

◼ED thanked the late Nationalists 4 uniting people of Zim which must be cherished by all of us.

◼Zim is unique constitutionally as it does not lay down the criteria of forming a party while in other countries they have restrictions. That is why we say in Zim we are very Democratic.

◼ Polad is platform where we seek to be United in Zim said President ED

◼Polad is full of ideas which are critical and important to move our nation forward said President Mnangagwa.

◼If things are well for the government then they are well for Zimbabwe and the creation of polad is a landmark achievement in our country said President Mnangagwa