Prophet DD Isaac has revealed that Mary Chiwenga will cause a war in Zimbabwe in three months.

See the full prophecy below:


I had a clear vision about Zimbabwe, in the vision I saw two lions, the first Lion was green in colour and the other Lion was red, but these two Lions were fighting, they were fighting to the point that there was massive killings because of these two big lions, as these Lions were fighting I was taken in a vision and I saw 3 eggs, 3 eggs that dropped on the face of the map of Zimbabwe and I then saw the eggs that dropped on the map of Zimbabwe, as they dropped on the map of Zimbabwe, the eggs were carried by an Eagle, as the Eagle dropped the eggs on Zimbabwe I saw the eggs break and saw the fluid inside the eggs moving and it was covering the whole map of Zimbabwe and as it was covering the whole map of Zimbabwe and I saw that there was drought and I was so shocked to see that there is no water and as I wanted to go and look for water on the tap I discovored that there was blood coming out from the tap, and people were trying to drink water but what was coming out from the tap was just blood.

I then asked the Lord, why is he showing me this vision and God began to interpret the vision and he said, there is something I need to rectify now in Zimbabwe because if it is not rectified and if I don’t pray for the nation of Zimbabwe, there might be a serious confusion and serious killing because there is going to be a secret that is going to be revealed, this is a secret that is going to cause the killing, now as I was praying, I saw a woman in prison, this woman was imprisoned and they said that there is an issue of Chinese, doing tygonisation or rather someone that was poisoned and this person is the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the Vise President of Zimbabwe, and I saw the Vise President of Zimbabwe being poisoned but then I was so surprised in the vision that this woman is put in prison and she is being tortured and the Lord told me that if this torture continues there will be a secret that is going to be revealed, and this secret will spill the blood, and if they don’t handle the issue of this woman in prison, in 3 months from now there will be war between the two Lions which is the green and the red Lion, and if they don’t sort it out, the woman in prison has a secret that will be a bomb to the nation, a bomb to the political party, this is a bomb on Zimbabwe, but I pray for Mercy and Peace in the city of Zimbabwe…