I was a member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. On the 24th day of December 2010, I was knocked down by a commuter omnibus and sustained life threatening injuries. The accident was handled by Bulawayo Traffic West in Mpopoma. I spent 2 months bedridden sicnce I had sustained head injuries, fructured rib, and fructured right hand wrist. When I could walk with the assistance of a walking stick, I went to Bulawayo Traffic West to check the progress of investigations only to find out that there were no investigations taking place. There was no explanation from yhe Officer in Charge Inspector Dube and his deputy Inspector Mutyavaviri. I saw the Officer Commanding District then superintendent Mhlanga who also failed to give an explanation. I then lodged a written complaint number 3/11 with then Officer Commanding Province then Senior Assistant Commissioner Mutamba now Deputy Commissioner General Stephen Mutamba. He did not take action. After 2 months, I wrote another complaint number 5/11 but again he took no action. I was left with no option but to approach Police General Headquarters. Police General Headquarters dispatched a team from Internal Investigations then superintendent Ngazimbi, the late Inspector Mazhara and then Assistant Inspector Kamera. Results of investigations revealed rampant corruption at Police Bulawayo Traffic West. They recommended that five officers namely Inspectors Dube and Mutyavaviri, Assistant Inspectors Chimomber and Mutale and sergeant Mbewe be charged for Abuse of office and for performing duty in an improper manner. Police General Headquarters made a mistake and assigned then Officer Commanding Province Senior Assistant Commissioner Mutamba who was sympathizing with the accused with rhe task of making sure that they were arrested and taken to both the Criminal court and Police disciplinary trials. It took more than 6 months for the accused to be broight to trial, a thing that can be done in two days under normal circumstances. When the accused were taken to court, only defence witnesses were allowed to testify and all state witnesses were denied chance to testify. Only the Traffic Accident Evaluator Assistant Inspector Mutale was convicted after he confessed to falsifying facts and figures to exonerate the commuter omnibus driver. I approached Senior Assistant Commissioner Mutamba and asked him to assist in having the cases be taken to court again and allow all the witnesses to testify. Initially he accepted my request but nothing was done. Whenever I would ask him about the position of the cases, he would respond by threatening to transfer me out of Bulawayo Province to a remote station despite that I was nursing serious injuries. In 2013, I was transferred to Lusulu a remote station in Binga. The transfer was reversed after I approached Police General Headquarter. In 2016, the same boss wrote a report to Police General Headquarters asking for my transfer to a remote station. He said that he suspected that i was linked to the continued leakage of official information to the media an allegation that was not only false but was never communicated to me. I was on 21/07/16, transferred to Nyamapanda. This was after  doctors had discovered that I had a 10,7 cm liver lesion in addition to post accident Injuries. I wrote to my bosses from the Officer in Charge to for Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri for reversal of the transfer but they would not respond. I could not even wash my underwear. My wife was a teacher in Bulawayo. After Chihuri refused to respond, I wrote to Police Service Commission to intervene. I was then summoned for a medical Board. I attended the medical Board but before it was concluded, I was fired from work after being declared a deserter. The procedure that is followed before someone is declared a deserter was not followed. Evidence to declare me a deserter was fabricated and is there for everyone to see. The procedure that is followed before someone is declared a deseter was thrown into the dustbin. For example I was still staying in police camp and still holding on to the police uniform, things which must be taken away before one is declaref a deserter. During Chihuris reign, he refused to take me for disciplinary hearing. With the coming in of the New dispensation, I wrote a letter to Godwin Matanga on 28 December 2017 requesting to be brought for hearing. I apprared befote hearing between 11/10/18 to 13/2/19 before the trial was abandoned. In August 2019, I approached the High Court with an application for Permanant stay of Prosecution. In my answerin affidavit, I mentioned that I was staying in Ross camp. After receiving the ansering affidavit, police legal team asked Officer in charge Stops and Ross camp to evict me from the camp through the court Process. I argued that there was no basis to evict me from camp since I was according to Police Standing Orders volume 1 still a member of the force. The standing oders say, “Upon the arrest of a deserter, casualty returns are completed by the Officer in charge as soon as posible for the deserter to resume duty”. I further argued that the fact that someone was not willing to complete casualty returns does not take away my being a member. When the Officer in Charge camps consulted the Police legal team about the provissions of the standing orders volume 1, he was told that I was still a member. He then decided to forcibly evict me using police riot squard without eviction order. On the 19th of November 2019, at about 0700 hours, the Officer in Charge Camps Chief Inspector Gambiza came to my house and forcibly evicted me without an eviction order. This was purely victimization since I exposed corruption where big bosses were sympathizing with the accused. I therefore request for the Protection of the whistleblower from the Office of the President and cabinet, from Zimbabwe Anti corruption commission, from Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission. CLACKSON MUZA.