Body of Zimbabwean Truck Driver Who Was Petrol Bombed in SA Taken Home

The body of Ronias Tawengwa, a Zimbabwean Truck Driver Who Was Petrol Bombed in South Africa has been sent home.

Ronias was petrol Bombed by local drivers who were against foreign drivers who they accuse of taking their jobs.

Tawengwa was in a South African Hospital for months before he finally passed away from extensive burns all over his body.

Ronias passed away on 14 December 2019 and Promise Mkwananzi posted the following on his Facebook account.

Promise Mkwananzi Announces Ronias Tawengwa ‘s Death in Facebook

The body of Tawengwa was repatriated to Zimbabwe by Zororo Phumulani Funeral Palour who had initially charged R21 000 to take the body from Durban to Zimbabwe.

However, the amount was reduced after negotiations with the Zimbabwe Truck Drivers who contributed money together with other Zimbabweans to assist Tawengwa ‘s family to repatriate his body.

Tawengwa is survived by his wife and children.