Mary Chiwenga’s uncle appeals to President @edmnangagwa to intervene ‘to ensure that our daughter is handled with a level of dignity & protection like any other citizen’.

Marry Chiwenga’s uncle accuses General Chiwenga of child abuse & of using ‘military &political power to abuse the police & the anti-corrption system’ to punish his wife. Says case is a laughable matter. ‘Many have externalised &you, President ED,have done nothing about it.

Marry Chiwenga’s uncle says:’Chiwenga is acting outside the powers of the Zim govt. right now he is a rebel of the Zim govt. Questions why Chiwenga was received by Chinese. Chiwenga has externalised whole nation to China and that is treason.

Marry Chiwenga’s uncle says:’China is interfering in Zim internal affairs. Chiwenga introducing anarchy. Chiwenga responsible for Aug 2018 and Jan 2019 murders. That man should not be allowed near power.