Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military regime in a little over 2 years has charged over 22 opposition officials, trade unionists and civil society activists with trumped up treason charges.

Topping the list of those charged with capricious treason charges are MDC senior officials, National Vice Chairman Job Sikhala and Secretary General Charlton Hwende who will face trial next year in January and February respectively.

National Organizer Amos Chibaya and his Deputy Budha Masara are also battling for freedom at Mnangagwa’s pulverized hyena courts.

Clearly, the junta regime borrows heavily from colonial antics whereby any dissenting voices were placed on frivolous treason charges as a way of silencing the alternative voice.

Generally treason is punishable by a lengthy jail sentence and at worst by hanging and Zimbabwe’s political history is littered by horrible cases in point where dissenting voices were savagely murdered.

Our heroic leaders of the First Chimurenga, Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi were charged with treason and savagely murdered by white barbarians and their heads were taken to Europe as trophies.

Such is the horrendous, horrible and painful dark history of treason charges in this country that it brings sad memories each time that word is thrown around.

It is not only saddening but quite disheartening that those who claim to be guarantors and vanguards of the gains of the liberation struggle are taking us back to the sad episode in our history as a people.

The Collins Dictionary describes treason as an attempt or act of overthrowing a legitimately elected people’s government.

It further attaches treason meaning to an act of betrayal and treachery.

Going by the first meaning, it is overtly clear that during November 2017 coup, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga diced with treason and the results of such an act is a public secret.

More interesting and even more suiting is the second meaning which describes treason as an act of betrayal and treachery.

The worst form of betrayal and treachery is how this military dictatorship fronted by Mnangagwa lied and keeps lying to our people that it is a ‘New Dispensation’ that is willing to repent and reform yet they are not.

Going by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s electoral promises underlined in ZANU PF’s 2018 election manifesto, it is abundantly clear that the ConCourt proclaimed President is a clear candidate for treason trial!

Where does one start when explaining the unmistakable levels of betrayal of this current regime especially if one takes into account the taunting poverty stalking our people?

Where our people were promised safe drinking water, our people now queue at open wells for dirty water laced with sewer in urban areas.

Where our people were promised more electricity, our people are now emblazoned in darkness!

Where our people were promised decent accomodation, our people now live in squalid conditions!

The list of betrayals goes on and on…!

Is it not ironic that the very same cabal that wantonly shoulders treason charges on innocent citizens are the rightful candidates for treason?

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson