High Unemployment is now a crisis in Bulawayo.

Women in Bulawayo are spending days sitting on the street pavements waiting for a chance to clean houses and do other menial jobs as the festive season approaches.

Several women were seen at various places in the CBD, such as the corner of RG Mugabe and 4th street sitting idly.

The lucky ones will get USD$1 for a whole day of house cleaning if they are picked up by a motorist.

Women often take it upon themselves to look for jobs so as to provide something on the table.

Most men in Bulawayo are also unemployed and their families will have a bleak Christmas.

Temperatures are very high in Bulawayo and many women end up ill from the exposure, however, there is no other choice.

Bulawayo used to be the industry hub of Zimbabwe, but now all industry have closed or moved away to Harare.