Patrick Zhuwao has slammed Savior Kasukuwere for focusing on the 2023 election through his #TysonWabantu campaign. Zhuwao was writing on his online blog.

Zhuwao, who has stayed out of the #TysonWabantu group, said he favours instead a Nelson Chamisa Presidency within a ZANU-PF legislature.

Zhuwao said Kasukuwere tried to make him tone down on his public support for Nelson Chamisa to avoid upsetting the ANC and EFF. He further went on to accuse Kasukuwere of working with Mnangagwa.

These remarks indicate a deep strategic division between Grace Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao, Jonathan Moyo and Savior Kasukuwere who were the key figures behind G40, a grouping that resulted in the Coup ( Criminals around Mugabe).