OPINION – Miss World from South Africa inspires black women

It has been in the history of blacks that women are meant to be housewives and child bearing machine.

In black history women are meant to submit to husband getting married being a achievement to every black women.

This time around tables have turned upside down whereby we see black women being a manager, owing a company at the same time employing some man.

Now that black women is very much independent and doing great own her own.Zozibini Tunzi has not lifted the flag of South Africa up high but she has uplifted the black flag of every black women in the universe.

She has created a mark of being a black women and a star that will never be forgotten in a lifetime of a black women.

It’s high time a black women stand for what belongs to hers and be proud to stand amongst the whites and black man show them that she’s a black women. Who is strong and can stand any obstacle in her way.