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[12/8, 7:48 AM] Mzembi: As Scholars, how do we crack this , can we get round this at SADC ? The Zimbabwean crisis is clearly not acknowledged in the Regional body and is referred to as an internal matter . Does it mean the recent MDC delegation that met Dr Tax failed to impress on her on the gravity of the Zimbabwean situation and escalate it to SADC in one form or another?

[12/8, 7:54 AM] Mzembi: How do we beat this conflation of government social dimension programmes and a party ‘ s programs ? Can we ever compete in this space with a sitting government as opposition , because this clear vote buying is not happening in 2023, but has started now . How do we mount effective voter education programs in rural areas that disabuse vulnerable people clearly victims of the State ‘ s weaponisation of social welfare for political advantage?

[12/8, 8:13 AM] +263 77 235 9293: As a person who was in the sytem may be u can help us by shedding more light on how best it can be done because u have the inside information. We have asked ourselves the same questions u are asking us but with no answers for lack of inside information. So thats where u should come in handy and complement the opposition instead of just adding to the numbers but repeating what has already been done or is already known but with no answers.

[12/8, 8:29 AM] Mzembi: I planted this to take this scholarly group away from personalities to strategy . It was a subtle message
[12/8, 8:30 AM] +263 77 297 9981: Mzembi is not a bad apple as u may think. I bumped into Dr Walter the other day at a local function when he was Foreign Affairs Minister, very receptive and humble
[12/8, 8:31 AM] +263 77 297 9981: He is a seed planted in the vimeyard waiting to germinate !!!

[12/8, 8:31 AM] +263 77 297 9981: Mzembi is very courageous and patient.
[12/8, 8:31 AM] +263 77 297 9981: Very sharp and smart.
[12/8, 8:32 AM] +263 77 297 9981: The coupling factor with Nelson is very strategic.
[12/8, 8:32 AM] +263 77 297 9981: The same with Makhosini Hlongwane, he had changed the game

[12/8, 8:36 AM] +263 77 273 3478: Once ZANU PF, ,there is my problem, ,, hamenoo,, l hv a big problem in trusting thoz guys
[12/8, 8:39 AM] +263 77 235 9293: Avo vanhu wava kunyanya kubigger avo Tinashe ummm dai wambiti mirei until they have really proven kuti they are now for the opposition and not Zanu. I would rather take heed to what Mzembi said kuti lets focus on Stratergy not personalities. The moment u overstate these guys’s social standingbu invite an equal measure of questions for what they did or say for the people against Zanu PF excesses during their time on the feeding trough – pavaiva blnechikafu pamuromo‼

[12/8, 8:58 AM] +263 77 297 9981: I’m talking about their achievements not personalities
[12/8, 9:03 AM] +263 77 235 9293: ??Are these achievements
[12/8, 9:05 AM] +263 77 235 9293: I doubt if these qualify for achievements at all
[12/8, 9:12 AM] +263 77 398 6201: What exactly did Mzembi achieve??? Maybe I’m so biased or Mahhosini Hlongwane?
[12/8, 9:13 AM] +263 77 398 6201: List their achievements

[12/8, 9:39 AM] Mzembi: Gentlemen we are in this group , and we can answer for ourselves , notwithstanding I think we should be more strategic in our engagements and that includes colleagues who may be rooting for us in one way or the other . We can equally ask the same of MDC Ministers during their time in government , but to what end ? the space we are now demands unity of purpose, the elephant in the room is a failed state , how do we fix this ? I see some of you doubting whether we are Zanu PF or not , well reality is we were expelled from the Grand Old Party , we are designated as enemies of the State now which none of you are, how much else do we need to present as testimony of the adversity prevailing around us at this time?

You cannot privatise the democratisation agenda , and succeed in wrestling power from Zanu PF, it needs all of us , the people. I lament more than anything else at this stage the diminishing and fading footprint of the MDC in Parliament, from 100 seats at their peak to the current 37 , this is a recipe for disaster, because Zanu PF has the power to make bad laws, no good for you and me . How do we reverse this trend , is it gonna happen if we continue to throw stones at freshmen in the opposition ranks or if we taunt each other needlessly. We need more than ever before to close ranks , shoulder to wheel , but more importantly to harness and deploy thinkers on this generational mission. For the avoidance of doubt I talk to all opposition players , Nelson included , but this is at strategic level because we have been in this struggle together, some fighting from inside and yet others outside . We are on a common mission, journey now more than before .
Happy Sunday

[12/8, 9:43 AM] +263 77 297 9981: What did Chamisa achieve? What did Tsvangirai achieve?
[12/8, 9:43 AM] +263 77 297 9981: What Is achievement?
[12/8, 9:44 AM] +263 77 297 9981: Scholars can do better than bootlicking
[12/8, 9:47 AM] +263 77 349 5686: Tsvangirai Achieved a lot

Chamisa got 2.1 million votes even after the stealing
[12/8, 9:48 AM] +263 77 235 9293: But u are doing exactly that by overstating Mzembi and Makhosini
[12/8, 9:50 AM] +263 77 297 9981: I don’t mean what he got from people. His achievements

[12/8, 9:50 AM] +263 77 297 9981: I’m talking about what has been proved so far
[12/8, 9:50 AM] +263 77 297 9981: If you talk of strive he has employed thousands of people etc
[12/8, 9:51 AM] +263 77 349 5686: We are just expressing different opinions different opinion and that does not qualify as to be bootlicker. We are just differing with the admin kkk

[12/8, 9:52 AM] +263 77 297 9981: Votes from people?
[12/8, 9:52 AM] +263 77 235 9293: U are right but what we are refusing is to be sld dummies and potray u guys as saints. Izvo taramba. We obviously can forgive but we will definitely not forget. As we walk together we are vey cognisant of the fact that u were once a part of the system had it not been factional fights that saw u being thrown out dai muchiripo muchitoti pasi neMDC

[12/8, 9:56 AM] Mzembi: Fair, you dont have to forget whatever you hold against us , we have our own political trajectories, they dont disrupt your partisan agenda but add to the collective outcome , the electorate decides in the end

[12/8, 10:01 AM] +263 77 235 9293: Apo powiti partisan agenda apo panenge pati resvekei. When u say whatever we hold against u its like its far fetched. Blaz u were party and parcel of a system yatisvitsa patiri nhasi when the country was being destroyed and worse still a faction that stroked Bob’s ego and makwe him cling to power iye asidagone muchitadza kumuudza kuti mukuru it was time to vacate the dance floor
[12/8, 10:03 AM] Mzembi: Its Sabbath Day for me , I have said all I have to for today .