Freeman Chari has pioneered a citizen clinic fund initiative as Mnangagwa fails to provide basic health care.

Of the $10 000 target set, already $8 000 has been donated by 203 donors.

The initiative is called Citizwean Clinic Fund.

Freeman says 425 patients have been treated already at their station in Mutare.

Below is the official update that he gave.

In the past 2 days the Citizwean clinic was in Mutare. We saw 425 pple. The situation is bad. We had no option than to turn away other people because we cld no longer fill their prescriptions. The challenge in Zim is that the ill are weak, those who are still strong are silent.

We are getting several complicated cases that we do not have capacity to help. They require large amounts of money and equipment. Tumors, cancers, gangrenes. It is dire. Each one of you is going on with their business. Only when you are the one sick you realise the magnitude