Vuzu And The Vista

Have the Vuzu parties revived again in Bulawayo. Thursday 5 December different uniforms were all over the city of Queens and Kings in Bulawayo this marked the closing of schools. Voice of the voiceless non governmental organisation was raising awareness about vuzu parties. They had to call their event anti vuzu march.

This was to help Bulawayo reduce the number of cases about vuzu parties. Teenagers were told about the dangers of vuzu parties and the effects of them. Police also did a great job by arresting other teenagers who attended vuzu parties last term the last Saturday of boarders, because some of the teenagers stopped that day to attend such parties.

Reasons have been rised as to why teenagers attend vuzu parties some say it’s because of the parents that are in the diaspora who don’t have time for them, some say it’s where they free feel and heard, others say it’s because the youth centres are no longer fun to be at and no longer give them any activities.

Saturday 7 December teenagers were spotted around The Vista Club , holding beers , in peers and also in groups being wild as ever. This gives so many people a worry that have the vuzu parties revived again.

Parents and police have a role to play when it comes to these teenagers before they get out of control.