Gambakwe Media Sources Have revealed how Madam Boss’s trip to Dubai was funded using Church funds.

A Witbank Prophet and Emmanuel Makandiwa Spiritual son, Prophet Evidence Chari, reportedly took Madam Boss, His Wife, His Wife’s Cousin and her friend to Dubai to celebrate his birthday. The trip was disguised as a wealth creation summit to avoid an outcry from church members.

Madam Boss, Tonto Dikeh and prominent Nigerian transgender woman Bobrisk reportedly met and discussed further cooperation under the direction of Prophet Evidence Chari.

Prophet Evidence Chari is the founder of Grace International Family Church in Witbank and professes to be the Spiritual son of Emmanuel Makandiwa. He copies everything Prophet Makandiwa does, including his haircut.

Prophet Evidence Chari is living large and some consider him to have more flashy toys than Prophet Passion Java.

While in Dubai, Madam Boss went on various site seeing activities and spent time in the dessert quad-biking. However, Madam Boss’s husband was nowhere to be found.

Anesu Chari, the wife of Prophet Evidence Chari, reportedly owns a hair saloon in Witbank.

Church members would be disappointed to see the Prophet and his group of women spending on the Dubai trip while the Church does not have a building.

Madam Boss was also reportedly not paid for the trip, only her travel expenses and hotel bills were paid for.

However, Anesu and her sister shopped and bought more clothes as madam Boss sat in her room with the Nigerian socialites.

Madam Boss sent a birthday video to Prophet Evidence Chari on his birthday. However, it remains unclear what the benefit of her visit to Dubai was.

Madam Boss came back wearing the same clothes she had on when she left and posted this picture claiming she had been paid, but it turns out this was just an old picture.