Prominent preacher Apostle Chiwenga has said that no one voted for the current president of Zimbabwe,he endorsed himself. If a father fails to rule his house properly children have a right to question the father where the next meal is coming from. When a nation is in such a state there is no need to be harsh and violent it requires responsibility. In a recent sermon he said the following

“How can one declare himself a winner and always travel around hiding himself in bullet proof vehicles, buy new guns to secure your life, who are you afraid of. There are no terrorists in Zimbabwe. Who are you running away from. You said we voted for you, walk around the streets and greet the same people who voted for you. if you hide yourself inside those cars, were you really voted for?. Did you really win ? then why are you so afraid?

Other presidents from other nations do not use so many vehicles. With the state that Zimbabwe is in, no one in their accurate senses would use so much money towards the security of one person. Was this a fair game or you did a coup and you are afraid that a coup will also come your way.”

The leaders of Zimbabwe are cowards, they instil fear in ordinary citizens. a sign of a failed leadership