Companies are always looking for people in the jobs below as there is a high turnover. You will need to do some criminal record checks, child and adult abuse chase for some of these jobs:

1. Call Centre Agent – Advertised by Agents.
2. Administrative Assistants – Can easily move to HR jobs
3. Security Guards – You get time to read as you are on shifts ( Needs Security Guards Certificate) – You can progress to a Law Enforcement Officer($50 per hour).
4. Home Care jobs – You need some certifications ($80 per hour).
5. Warehouse Employee – You need to have physical strength ( You may need a Forklift Certificate). However, you can be a picker or a packer or a truck loader.
6. Retail Sales – Till operations, retail store employee


– The pay is low
– Some of the jobs can be taxing and can affect your health.


Be careful not to get stuck in these low level jobs. Some people end up working these jobs forever!

Put in place a strategy before you leave your home country for Canada. If you take your time to plan and strategise you will have everything in place and have a better chance of succeeding in Canada.