AFM trained Pastor, Makhado  Sinthumule, explains how he started a church and struggled to fill it up.

Due to desperation, he befriended Nigerian Pastors hoping to uplift his ministry.

One day he asked one of the Nigerian Prophet how he could get Anointing.

He discovered when he moved closer to the prophets that their lives were full of sin. He started to drink and have lots of girlfriends.

He was taken to Nigeria. Before he went to church, he was given a soap to wash with on Saturdays at 12 midnight. After using the soap, the next time he went into church, Everyone started to fall to the ground.

He also got some oils which he opened and talk whatever he wanted.

He had to pay the Pastor who took him to Nigeria.

He went to a certain village where he was introduced to the IFA ( A Spirit that they worship). The IFA predicted certain things in his life, and he did some rituals. He was taken into the boiling drum and he was put inside but the water became cold.

This is where he received the ” Back to sender” powers.

Next he was made to eat a dog.

After that he was taken to the water spirits. he had to speak to it and one he had to take it back home.

He was told to take the stream near his church. And he introduced the spirits from Nigeria to the spirits in SA.

He also buried the head of a pig inside the church. As the pig’s head started to rot, more people started to come.

His miracles was about miracles and healing.

Whenever he took money, he would put it on the altar. He would sell anything, oil, water etc and bring these as doctrines.

One day, the police came and arrested him. They were accusing him of giving them powers. He was in jail for 3 months and met a prisoner who preached to him.

After he came out, He passed through the crowd which was looking for him, but they could not see him.

When he got home, the crowd that was supposed to come and attack his house, had a tyre puncture and they could not come to him.

In Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, he was introduced to a man who can take objects off one’s body.

He was taken to a funeral and at midnight he was taken somewhere and he was asked to undress. When he got to the graveside he was taken to lie on the grave naked.

And they left and left him on top of the grave and went away. When they came back they said you will be strong. He was given a flower which he was supposed to give sweets.

In his house he had a room where no one would be allowed to enter.


At Mozambique, he got powers, A male and a female. He gave them the names Fire by Force.

The night they came, they told him to come and marry a second wife. He disputed the operation.


His wife was aware that he was into something because he was making take people take holy bath.


At this point, he decided to burn the objects got from everywhere. He started to hear voices.


He decided to go back to the Apostolic Faith Mission. He served under Pastor TJ Sikhosana and was put in another Church at Sibokeng.


He has written a best selling book called church Mafia