We Need Health Services, Not Bullets!

The MDC Youth Assembly detests state (mis) behavior whereby the police and military personnel connived to spray live bullets and chemical weapons on the People’s President, Nelson Chamisa and innocent civilians in Marondera yesterday.

It is devoid of logic that at a time when the nation is yearning for a Midas touch on health services and other basics, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failed regime chose to provide bullets and teargas instead of the much needed health support.

In a week where UN Special Rapporteur on food security, Ms Hilal Elver thronged our shores and gave a damning assessment of a country facing starvation, Mr Mnangagwa’s police state sought to arrest hunger by spraying bullets on its own citizens.

Afforestation and reforestation have been sounded out as low cost remedies to climate change whose effects directly impact on food security and to their credit the MDC leadership chose to lead from the front by undertaking a tree planting program starting in Marondera on the International Tree Planting Day.

Overtly the Marondera program was a good cause but somehow this military regime in its wisdom or lack of it chose to exhibit its cowboy mentality by spraying live bullets on people working towards a noble cause.

Ironically Emmerson Mnangagwa and cabal held their own gathering in Kadoma in the very same week without any disturbances from security agents.

Save for noise pollution to the Kadoma neighborhood, the Mnangagwa gathering served no purpose nor benefit to the starving ordinary citizens!

It is no secret that our people are facing multi layered challenges ranging from ever rising prices of basic commodities, empty hospitals and power outages.

The last and worst thing our hungry people need right now are bullets and teargas!

It has become clear that this heartless regime instead of arresting hunger and poverty, has become an enzyme that aid in exterminating its own citizens through bullets and chemical weapons.

As the MDC Youth Assembly, we would like to warn the irresponsible state security agents that they are taking more than which they can chew!

From 01 August 2018 to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House police violence, surely we have had enough of this nonsense!

We have been pushed too far and like any other normal beings we are forced to retaliate in the best suitable fashion!


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson