Savior Kasukuwere has confirmed that he will be running as the 2023 Presidential candidate for ZANU-PF.

Speaking to the Sunday times in South Africa, Kasukuwere said:

“People want me to be the leader in leadership renewal, particularly the young people”

Kasukuwere has been working behind the scenes courting various former ZANU-PF splinter groups such as NPF and G40 and feels ready to challenge ED Mnangagwa who also wants to be the ZANU-PF candidate for 2023.

Kasukuwere also reportedly has the support of General Chiwenga after the two are said to have met secretly twice in November 2019.

If Kasukuwere manages to land the ZANU-PF Presidential candidacy, it will be impossible for MDC to win the elections with a united opponent.

Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance is ravaged by factional fighting and has been unable to grow rural support where ZANU-PF has maintained a tight grip.