Today, Nelson Chamisa has given a hint on what his climate policy will be for what he calls “a new Zimbabwe”.

Writing on his twitter handle, Nelson Chamisa said ,”1/3 SMART ENVIRONMENT.. On our part, we have set aside December every year as a Climate smart and tree-planting month as a way to motivate the nation to plant and conserve trees, enhancing biodiversity, household food security and to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

2/3 In Zimbabwe deforestation remains e largest threat to the country’s forests.Over 300 000ha of forests are lost each year due to deforestation as more people use wood for fuel.

Experts predict Zim will be a desert in the next 25 years if the cutting of trees continues unabated.

3/3 In a New Zimbabwe we will institute actions, policies and legislative measures, in the context of our green Zimbabwe policy, to preserve and conserve our environment for posterity and future generations.

Nelson Chamisa gave this policy in light of the tree planting day.