How To Look For A Job In South Africa – Lynn Fitho

Looking for a job is a full time job


Lynn Fitho Breaks down how to find a job on Gambakwe Media.

Have a Great CV

Lynn Fitho has done a great video on how to write a CV on her channel. You can go and check it out and clean up your CV before you start going out there.

Now here are the four ways in which You can get a job:

1. Your Network

Parents, teachers, lecturers and friends can link you up with someone who knows someone who can link you up with a job.

Keeping in contact with your former schoolmates, church mates etc can help you to get a job, Make sure people know you are looking.

2. Recruitment Agencies

Companies have a recruitment budget and often go through recruitment agencies. Lynn warns that you should never pay a recruitment agency for money.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin ia a great way to find a job. You must have your full CV on Linkedin Profile. Find people who are in the career and connect with them on Linkedin. Send potential employers direct messages. There are many jobs on Linkedin and when you apply you are communicating directly with the employer.

Linkedin also allows you to find out more about who to contact directly at a company you want to work for.

4. Job Boards

You can make use of job boards in south Africa such as pnet, indeed and glassdoor.