About the SVUZ

Sustainable Vendors Union Zimbabwe was founded in 2017, (then registered as a Trust in 2018), as a platform for solidarity that offers safety nets and representation for vendors against victimization in an unfriendly operational environment that has stringent bylaws regulating economic activity.

The ultimate purpose of SVUZ is the legitimization and Acceptance of vending as a viable employment avenue. The core target representations of SVUZ are street vendors.
SVUZ’s definition of a street vendor” is a person engaged in vending of articles, goods, wares, food items or merchandise of everyday use or offering services to the general public, in a street, lane, side walk, footpath, pavement, public park or any other public place or private area, from a temporary built up structure or by moving from place to place and includes hawker, peddler, squatter and all other synonymous terms which may be local or region specific; and the words “street vending” with their grammatical variations and cognate expressions, shall be construed accordingly.

The organization functions as solidarity centre for vendors and also engages in research, lobby and advocacy initiatives

SVUZ Vision

A just Zimbabwe where vendors trade freely protected by the law and national constitution


To coordinate lobby and advocacy efforts targeted at the central legislation of vending, creation of public social safety nets for vendors and the national acceptance of vendors as workers


Responding to the operational environment obtaining in the vending enterprise, the Sustainable Vendors Union Zimbabwe’s objectives are:
 To coordinate vending lobby and advocacy initiatives
 To provide legal and social safety nets for vendors
 To develop and strengthen trade capacities among vendors
 To promote and enhance vendors participation in national policy, legislative and economic processes

Our Values

Integrity, Teamwork, Partnership, Honesty, Accountability, Professionalism, Meaningful Empowerment, Openness and uplifting standards of living. A just Zimbabwe where vendors trade freely protected by the law and national constitution


Peaceful Engagement with Local Authorities
Vendors are regarded as illegal by most local authorities in Zimbabwe because of the archaic by-laws that do not recognize vendors as workers. SVUZ seeks to engender, through dialogue and peaceful engagement, co-existence between vendors and local authorities.