ZHDA has announced that doctors will only reconsider the offer from Strive Masiyiwa through the Higher Life fund once the stand off with their employer has been resolved.

The development comes after Masiyiwa promised to cushion doctors with a $5000 allowance, transport and a new smart phone for each doctor who reports for work.

In a statement, ZHDA said the offer does not address their concerns.

“In as much as the support from HLF is welcome, it does not address completely the demands of the doctors for a salary whose value is preserved despite soaring inflation as well as the provision of adequate and appropriate tools pic trade.

The offer from the HLF may be reconsidered once the stand off between the ZDHA and the employer is resolved,” read the statement.

The association added that the stipulated time frames, terms and conditions surrounding the offer doesn’t make it a viable long lasting solution that the doctors are in search of at the moment.