Convenor of the Zimbabwe Citizens Manifesto Briggs Bomba said Zimbabwe has reached the deepest depth of a political and economic crisis which has festered a social crisis where politicians are empowered at the expense of citizens.

Bomba said the collective impact of failing to resolve political and economic questions result in untold trauma on citizens.

He further states that social crisis goes beyond political and economic crisis in which polarisation, division and a collapse of dreams becomes the order of the day.

Bomba added that political parties bring politicians without any traceable reference to represent ordinary citizens whom they have no understanding of.

“When you have a protracted and unresolved economic crisis like we have in Zimbabwe, it festers into a wound which manifests in trauma.

This trauma creates a sense of hopelessness. You see young people riding at the back of kombis, risking their lives because they have no hope for tomorrow” he said.