Brother Jeremiah Jeremiah has further clarified his messages this morning regarding the warning to Nyabira village.

Brother Jeremiah said God has shown him that war will soon break out from Nyabira. He said he saw in various visions war breaking out in that regions close to Harare.

Brother Jeremiah said innocent people will be involved in the shootings that will happen there. The winds of war will then spread from Nyabira to Dzivarasekwa into the CBD.

Jeremiah says he saw General Chiwenga controlling all the borders and if Mnangagwa tries to fight him he will not win this time.

Jeremiah says 2020 is the year of the Lord. There will be partnership between Chiwenga and Chamisa that will pave way for a new leadership.

God says this is the chance for General Chiwenga to be an honored man. his name shall be remembered for generations.

Jeremiah said he was asked by God to pray for General Chiwenga as far as February. He said God has given General Chiwenga a grace period. God said he has raised him for a time like this , to correct a mistakes that were made.

Brother Jeremiah said God