The Emmerson Mnangagwa led government is faced with threats of looming fresh mass protests as the country is hurtling towards civil unrest, reported the Daily News.

This comes amid persisting humongous crisis in public hospitals, sharp price hikes of basic commodities and fuel hikes which has continued to torture citizens.

In an interview, Tendai Biti said the crisis faced by Zimbabweans is a result of a clueless and cruel leadership.

“We are being led by people who are both cruel and clueless. We are not producing enough and when you are not producing prices go up.

“We are being hit left, right and centre. Right now we have the highest inflation in the world even above that of Venezuala, proving that we are the worst-run economy in the world”he said.

Biti said Mnangagwa must engage Nelson Chamisa to alliviate economic blunts hitting ordinary citizens.

“We need a political solution urgently. Mnangagwa must speak to Chamisa urgently, at this rate in six months’ time we will be eating each other” said Biti.

He added that the country’s economy is showing traits of a country that has gone through a war, its madness.