Yesterday, a video of a woman blocking ED Mnangagwa’ s motorcade in Harare went viral. The woman started to pray loudly and make various political statements.

After some time, she was allowed to stand up and walk away.

A number of key questions arise:

1. How did she know when Mnangagwa would be leaving
2. Why was she allowed to walk away without questioning
3. Who filmed the footage

So what is the significance:

Such events have the effect of publicly revealing that everything is not OK. It has the effect of increasing the levels of uncertainity and suspicion among the leaders.

Where he is now, ED Mnangagwa thinks General Chiwenga sent that woman and where he is now General Chiwenga thinks ED Mnangagwa is trying to tarnish his image.

The Timing

The key event that has happened this week is the return of General Chiwenga. This has reconfigured the power dynamics in Harare. General Chiwenga has his own relationships.

Related to that, last month, a new group of war veterans emerged that disowned ED Mnangagwa and his faction.


If you dont obeserve carefull in Zimbabwe, you will miss key events as they occur.

By the time you get it, the action will be over, everything will have happened too quickly.

It is clear that something is about to happen in Zimbabwe. The situation in the country has reached a new low.

Every small thing can become a big thing and any mistake by one side can result in a major fight between armed.