Brother Howard has named Tariro Mafuka as the girlfriend of Apostle Chiwenga. he alleges that the relationship has been ongoing since 2017 when the late wife of Apostle Chiwenga was still alive.

This is an escalation of the fight between the two men of God. Brother Howard has been trying to expose Apostle Chiwenga for a long time and many people take him as a Jelousy person, an allegations he denies.

In this video, Brother Howard warns Zimbabweans in Namibia not to give Apostle Chiwenga any money.

Brother Howards say the relatives of Tariro and Apostle Chiwenga know what was happening.


On the day of the accident, Brother Howard alleges that the accident in which Apostle Chiwenga was involved was fake and suspicious.

Brother Howard says during the week of the accident, Apostle Chiwenga flew to Kenya while the church was bring told he was in Hospital

Brother Howard says he warned Zimbabweans before the accident about what was going to happen to Apostle Talent Chiwenga but was ignored.