The Chinese Have No Right To Receive The VP at an Airport says George Charamba

The Head of State and President of Zimbabwe does not receive his deputy and the Chinese ambassador who personifies the Chinese State here in Zimbabwe will not receive a Vice President of the state to which he is accredited, said Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Spokesperson.

George Charamba’s remarks comes after Gen Chiwenga’s earlier arrival at the Robert Mugabe International Airport where government officials and his wife were no where near the vicinity, present were the Chinese delegates, Chiwenga’s brother and son.

Charamba maintained that there is no tension between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.

“Protocol does not allow both cases to receive the VP.

For the record, President Mnangagwa and his deputy enjoyed daily communication while the VP was away,” he said.

He added that Mnangagwa will meet and welcome his deputy in the appropriate way and setting, in the mean time, all well-meaning Zimbabweans rejoice that VP Chiwenga is back and look fit.

However, his remarks have been taken with a pinch of salt due to a number of opposing facts which include that those that are supposedly permitted by state protocol were no where near Chiwenga.